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About The Skilled Trades Podcast

The Skilled Trades Podcast seeks to encourage young adults to consider a career in the building trades. In every show, we talk with business owners, educators, and tradespeople to learn about the path that brought them where they are today. We also talk about the benefits of trades education, trade jobs, and the various hard and soft skills necessary to be successful.

Our Mission: Encouraging Young Adults in the Trades

Across the United States, there is a short supply of workers in every industry, not just the building trades. The retirement of the aging baby boomer population puts the skilled trade industry even more at risk. We need the next generation of tradespeople to become active.

For young people in skilled trades careers, a few simple soft skills like time management and learning how to ask appropriate questions to increase their knowledge will make them more valuable to their employers. We encourage the combination of learning technical knowledge along with people skills as a path to advancement.

We know that there are plenty of high school students along with people in their 20s and 30s who would benefit from a career in the trades. For too long, high schools have been emphasizing college as the main route to a fulfilled life. There is no doubt that our great country needs advanced college graduates, but it also needs professional tradespeople who build the houses we live in, the bridges and roads we drive on, and the offices we work in. We hope to show the younger generation that a career in the skilled trades is a great option for a full and prosperous life.

jeff and danny in the podcast studio

Meet Your Hosts: Jeff Mudd and Danny Torres

Both Danny and Jeff have had life experiences that showed them that there many young adults, both men and women, who would benefit from a career in the trades.

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Questions About the Skilled Trades?

Below Are Some Common Questions about Trade Jobs

The building trades offer many benefits like a fair paycheck right out of high school. As you enter a training program, you are learning skills without deep college debt. Learning a trade is also a way to reboot your life if you are not in love with your current career path.

Most every skilled trade is in high demand, and that demand is growing as more tradespeople head toward retirement. Whether you are interested in working in homes or building infrastructure, you can find meaningful employment.

We partner with other non-profit groups to assist young people on their journey toward a skilled trades career. Contact us and let us know your situation. We can recommend several options.

You can find additional information about our podcast guests in the podcast summaries on Audible and Apple Podcasts.

Most communities have trades education programs close by. If you already know the trade you want to enter, contact someone in that field who can connect you to the right organization or program.

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