Meet Host Danny Torres

Providing Entrepreneurial Insight for The Trades Podcast

Podcast host Danny Torres is an active, successful entrepreneur in the San Diego area. For The Trades Podcast, he brings a youthful perspective to discussions with experts in the skilled trades. His knowledge of the skills and steps it takes to start and run a small business will be helpful to others starting their careers.

Danny Torres: DJ and Podcaster

DJ Danny Torres is a young adult who owns a small DJ entertainment business, The Metric System, in San Diego. Danny took the leap to go full-time after spending years shadowing his father who was also in the business. He was able to use his passion and gained knowledge to create a profitable business through learned skills and dedication to his craft.

When Danny agreed to be a co-host of The Trades Podcast, he knew he could provide young entrepreneurial insights to help young adults. This allowed him to focus on promoting job opportunities to adults searching for ways to fulfill their life goals.

Danny continues to use his communication skills to network and learn from fellow business owners to improve his professional career. His goal through The Trades Podcast is to promote the trades to any adult, show that the trades are well respected, and introduce more workers to this growing industry.

danny torres

Learn What It Takes to Work in a Skilled Trade

The Trades Podcast is a resource to help young adults find a home in the skilled trades industry. In every episode, hosts Danny Torres and Jeff Mudd speak with professionals and educators directly related to the skilled trades. For the latest news about skilled trades careers, sign up for our newsletter.